Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sister Chen's Homecoming-April 28, 2013


This is Jeffrey Chen, Vicky's brother. I am sending you this email to invite you to Vicky's Homecoming talk! Thank you for being such great friends and examples to Vicky. She would be delighted to see you at her homecoming.
Her homecoming talk is this coming Sunday in Provo, Utah

Date: April 28, 2013
Time: 9:00 a.m.
Chapel Address: 1060 East 2500 North, Provo, Utah 84604
(Pleasant View 5th Ward, Provo)

After her talk, we would be honored if you joined us at our home for a small reception. 

Chen's Home Address: 972 E 2620 N, Provo, Utah 84604

Can't wait to see you then!

If you have questions, feel free to contact Jeffrey Chen at itsjchen@gmail.com



Dear Family,

Schedule for the rest of this week:

Today = Temple p-day
Tomorrow = give a training tour to the new missionaries + normal proselyting
Friday = Move call meeting, temple again, and then going home missionary stuff
Saturday morning = hitting a flight home

 Saw miracles in Taidong and Hualian and now Yuli!!  Yuli sisters just opened their area and it was hilarious!  It's a small town with very few people and even fewer red lights.  I love just biking around with wu jiemei.  The best thing is our assistant Elder Bowler is so hilarious.  He was in Yuli for like 8 transfers or something crazy and then he got called to the office.  But since he was there for so long, everyone knows Bo zhanglao.  When we talked to anyone, member, less active, or nonmember, EVERYONE knows bo zhanglao and everyone knows everyone else knows bo zhanglao.  It was the weirdest and funniest thing in the world.  Everyone saw us and was like "you guys are bo zhanglao's friends?"  And everyone here is already a former investigator because they're so laid back and we can just go visit them and shang ke with them.  ahahahaha it's like my favorite place I've been.

In Hualian, I was paired up with Huang jiemei.  SHe's the first 20-year old sister to be in our mission. She is also such a funny person.  Super fast paced and loves herself, which i think is so fun :)

I can't even focus what I planned on telling you all.  Monday, we spent like all day biking because I kept getting us lost and we kept riding past places.  It was funny - totally unitnentional but super fun!  Then we had sushi :)

We have an investigator Chen jm who is older and takes care of her husband (sister Taylor knows her) who had a stroke.  She has been coming to church recently and Sis. Ochoa showed her a picture.  Her reaction was so funny.  There are white umbrellas in the background of her pic and because they're folde dup, chen jm thought that they were people.  She thought they were people (like 10 of them) all dressed up like Jesus and just walking around on the beach.  HOW SCARY!!  I couldn't stop laughing and Chen jm was totally serious and so was our peike.  That was so funny I could hardly get control of myself.

I need to write a email to president now, but this is all I'm sending you!  Thanks to Jeff for telling people about my homecoming...  I love you all!  I'm excited to see you all :)  GOD LOVES US!

Sister Chen

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 75 - 4.15.2013 second to last? :O


I'm going to Taidong todaaaaay :)  Also, news!  We have the next temple sister with us already again!  It's CAI JM from Taoyuan.  She was in my zone when I was in zhong li.  Her English is like ABC - so like perfect!  She studied biology at BYU, just like me, but I didn't know her before.  SHE IS SO FUN!  I cannot wait to be working with her, especially since we're going to be having some changes with the sister leadership positions in the mission.  SUPER exciting :)  I can't wait for all the new missionaries to come...

Pictures:  Sometimes we need to take care of stuff in the office, where our letters are.  Now I have this tradition of trying to scare the Operations assistant who works at the window.  With ENVELOPES ON MY HANDS!!!  Ok I sound really weird but it's actually very funny!!!  and 200 kuai.  The new assistant kang zhanglao is like "everyone has 200kuai"  haaaha but he doesn't!!! 

This week, we contacted many prepared people.  Though most of them don't live in our area, I know they were all miracles!  Right after conference on Saturday, we were filled with so much fire!  We went out for our lunch break between sessions and right outside the gate, we met this man who lives in miaoli.  He said that we were angels that God sent.  He said the most sincere prayer of anyone I've ever heard on the street in my whole mission.  In it, he asked God to help him know if meeting with the missisonaries was something He wanted for him.  We didn't even tell him to pray for that!  He is really excited for the Elders to call him and set up.  That night, after we visited a member, we contacted another really prepared man.  He said that talking to us was different.  He totally felt the power of prayer, and said there was a light in our eyes.  He's going to set up with the Banqiao elders.

I feel like when we have the Spirit, we are very very happy.  When we are very happy, we see miracles!  Another truth I have found: if we hit a trial, it means we're going to see a ginormous miracle.

This week, I've been feeling to visit a former investigator.  I met her first when I was in Zhong li a long time ago.  I had come to do temple tours and went on exchanges with sister taylor.  We sang a hymn for her, but she didnt' really want to come back.  I went again with sister taylor a month or so ago.  But recently, I haven't been able to get her out of my mind.  We had time to visit her yesterday and we had a huge miracle!  She is already finished with all the lessons and has come to church very many times.  The only reason she didn't get baptized is because she gave up on quitting smoking last time she met with missionaries.  When we visited, it was almost like she was waiting for us because she had oranges cut and on the table.  She told us she's been having trials recently, and though we've never seen her this week, she's come to the chapel every day this week because it feels so good there.  We took her last pack of smokes and committed her to get baptized in 2 weeks.  Last night, only a couple of hours after that lesson, we scheduled for her to get a priesthood blessing.  At first, no elders or any brothers in our ward could do it, but then elders started coming and coming until we had 6 elders there all able to give her a blessing.  She even said herself that there was so much power there.  It was such a powerful moment.  We are praying so hard for Bai jm and I know that God can change her life because He's changed mine!  This change is going to be permanent!!

Thanks for all your love!  I love you all so much too, I am having so much fun and I'm soooo happy all the time!  I hope you all are too.  What hte prophets said is all true!  There's only one way to get real peace no matter what we run into.  THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!!  Love the Lord, serve the Lord!

Sister Chen

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 74: Overjoyed again 4.8.2013

Dear Family!

First story about the ice cream.  Remember when lingo aiyi took us to that one japanese restaurant and you get to get your own ice cream?  Yeah - we went there with other Sisters and you only get to try once.  We tried to get as much ice cream on the cone so all foru of us could share and it turned out like this.  So ugly but SO DELICIOUS!  I couldn't stop laughing the ice cream kept coming out and I was so scared it was going to fall off. 

Next week, we are going to exchange with hualian, yuli, and taidong.  I'll email at the same time.  The week after, we have temple day on that Wednesday 4/24 - so just warning you I'm going to have a late email :)

We haven't seen conference yet, but I cannot wait!  Also, tingshuo my companion Sister Ochoa's dad got a new calling.  Something to do with the seventy haha.  So I'm very much celebrity now because I'm her companion.  haahaha juuuuust kidding!  

My companion is SOO funny!  She gets very excited about food, and so do I.  We were talking last night and she was just pretending to eat and swallow all the food we were talking about.  TOO FUNNY!  I almost started crying I was laughing so much.  I am so glad I get to have her as a companion.  One time I asked her what her favorite compliment is.  She says when people tell her her Chinese is good.  I like when people tell me I'm sharp.  So I always tell her her Chinese is good and she tells me I'm sharp.  We are always very happy.

oh so lucky about General Conference!  Also, thanks Mom for keeping up with all the letters and everything - you are the best, and Verina's shoutout!  VERINA IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!  Haha it's so funny to read how she's developing patience.  JIA YOU!  Verina is also such a fireball missionary!  It's true that all these new missionaries are just getting better and better.  I LOVE working with the first transfer missionaries they are so special!  Oh hope you keep a good journal of how you do things in washington because it'll be so different and what a fun memory to go back to!

Elder Chen broke some record - again?!  haah man, he's also such a fireball!  We're learning a lot about time management and I think it's a worldwide thing ba.  We have an invite to use all the blank spaces in our planners (duh should be doing that all along) and we've seen MIRACLES.  Jia you jia you!

Also hungry.  I can't wait to eat breakfast!  yesterday was fast sunday and during sacrament meeting, I was trying so hard to focus.  Me: Guess what I'm thinking about.  Sister Ochoa:  hot pot.  Me:  :O <-- because she was totally right.

This week we had tons of miracles!  We've been doing this training about asking with faith for referrals.  We were praying about what we could invite these sisters to do, and we felt that we could ask them to receive at least one referral in every tour.  This felt like a really high standard, and we weren't sure if we could ask the sisters to do this with faith.  We want to help the sisters feel that EVERYONE we talk to knows people who need the gospel.  We need to have faith that the Spirit is bringing into remembrance these friends.  Sister Ochoa and I then pulled this girl in for a tour.  The Spirit was there, and we had so much faith that she had a referral.  When she hesitated and didn't write referrals, both of us were speechless.  We were so trusting, and puzzled that she didn't think of anyone.  It was silent as she first wrote her information.  When she flipped the card over again to re-consider her friends and family, both of us were praying so hard because we just KNEW someone she knows needs the gospel.  Then she asked "can I write family down?"  She ended up referring her dad who has gone to church before.  It was a very cool experience and an answer to prayer.  Faith precedes miracles!

On Saturday, we also had a huge miracle!  We usually have two sets of sisters come in to do tours on Saturdays because there are so many people coming to the temple, but this last saturday 1) the temple was closed and 2) it was cold and rainy.  We almost considered dis-inviting one set of sisters, but kept them, hoping that God would help them have success.  The xindian and Zhubei sisters have SO MUCH FAITH!  Even though they had no scheduled tours, they hardly had time contacting outside because people kept coming in.  In the end, they had 14 tours and 15 referrals (notice the number of referrals exceeded the tours?!)  The temple is the House of the Lord and the Spirit IS HERE!!

I'm so happy every day!  I know Elder Chen and Sister Chen must be as well.  I love you all so much!  We are praying and know that God answers prayers!

Sister Chen 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week 73-Happy Easter!!! 4.1.2013

Dear Family,

WHY IS IT ALREADY APRIL!?  I just realized it just this last second...

Also, totes adding Shay to the family list.  I'm just really excited to be emailing you all.

Also, ecstatic that you met and like Shay.  Isn't she so wonderful?  My companion and I were talking two nights ago about missionary heroes we've met on our mission and Taijm has always been a rolemodel for the both of us and the perfect temple sister.  Ochoa jm shared with me the first time she saw taijm and she always remembers how much it's impacted her mission.  I LOVE TAI MEI!!! 

Ok, so fun things hapened this week - got my hair trimmed at this sketch 100 kuai place because the back is too long, and now when I tie pig tails, one is bigger than the other.  Done cutting my hair here haha.

Miracle:  We were out looking for less actives and nobody was home.  We decided to start finding, and still weren't having any real success, so we started praying every time after we talked to someone so that God could lead us.  We did this for a little while and were just wandering around and we met a fillipino named Jackie.  She was so cute and we just told her that God loves her, asked if we could pray with her, and she agreed.  We asked if there was anything we could pray for, and she said her aunt needed health.  She was SO touched by the prayer and it was such a miracle to feel God's love for her!  We set up with her again.  It's true that as we knock, the Lord will open doors for us.

Another miracle is just that I'm reading Jesus the Christ and learning so much!  It is so mind-blowing how perfect He is, and I am so amazed that Christ also was growing from grace to grace.  He was truly the perfect example, which means it's doable to follow Him!  My mind is just stretched so much when I read it. 

Our investigators are doing well and the sisters are also so fun to be working with!  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!  i'm so happythat I also have 2 other siblings doing this with me, too.  I loveyou all so much and I pray for you!  Thanks for the prayers, too!  JIA YOU JIA YOU!!

Sister Chen